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  • Soybean Source Enzymolysis Amino Acid powder 80%

Soybean Source Enzymolysis Amino Acid powder 80%

  • AMINO ACID 80 is a purely plant based soybean meal Amino Acid with the hydrolysis production and can be used for foliar application or producing formulated liquid fertilizer

Guaranteed minimum analysis

Solubility : 100% Water Soluble

Total Nitrogen: 13%

Organic Nitrogen: 12.5%

Total amino acids: 80%

Free amino acids: more than 75%

chlorine:  less than 5%

• Promotes the formation of photosynthesis and chlorophyll
• Enhances plant respiration
• Improves plant redox processes
• Promotes the metabolism of the plant
• Improves nutrient utilization, improve the crop quality
• Absorbs quickly, and shortens the growth cycle

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