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The application of Sodium Gluconate in construction industry

The application of Sodium Gluconate in construction industry


Concrete is a combination of materials, which are made from cement, aggregates, admixtures and water. Concrete are the largest number of materials among all the artificial manufactures. Three-quarters of concrete are grain materials, however, the most active component is the slurry. The feature of the performance of concrete depends largely on the feature of cement. Concrete admixture agent can provide a useful role in some, such as to accelerate the solidification, solidification delay, the existence of the air bubble, reduce the increase in consumption of plastic and so on. At the same time, usually in the cement admixture of several agents, the admixture of different agents in a number of applications can be mutually reinforcing.




Sodium gluconate is generally used alone, but also combined with other retarder such as phosphate of carbohydrates in use. Sodium gluconate is a crystalline powder and is produced in the properly controlled conditions This compound is a pure chemical and non-corrosive, whose quality is constant.This is a feature that it can guarantee the application of reliable and reproducible results.


Sodium gluconate as Superplasticizer:

To reduce water to cement ratio (W / C), by joining the superplasticizer

By adding Sodium Gluconate to obtain the following results:

1, to enhance maneuverability

In the water to cement (W / C) remain unchanged, adding glucose can enhance the plasticity of sodium. At this time, sodium gluconate is the role of plasticizer effect. Glucose gluconate in 0.1% or less, the total level of operational improvements and the adding amount are in direct proportion.

2, to enhance the strength

Remain the same cement content and lower content (that is, W / C than the lower) the addition of sodium glucose 0.1%, the water can be reduced about 10%.

3, lower cement content

Content of water and lower water content remained unchanged and, W / C ratio remained unchanged. At this point, the glucose reduction agent sodium acts as cement. Under normal circumstances, the following two aspects of the performance of concrete is very important: contraction and the production of heat.


Sodium gluconate as a retarder:


Sodium gluconate can significantly delay the start of concrete and the end of the clotting time. In the amount of 0.15% or less, the initial clotting time and with the logarithm of the volume in direct proportion to the relationship, that is, double the amount of allocation. Solidification start time delay to 10 times, making time to work from a few hours to a few days and will not detract from the strength.

Especially in the hot days and the need to put more time, this is an important advantage.


1, the use of sodium gluconate, W / C than can be reduced, which can increase the strength of concrete, which is a type of concrete quality.

2, the weight of large and difficult project is the construction of reperfusion. As a result of the addition of sodium gluconate, concrete improvements in our operational clotting time to avoid the delay resulting phase structure of surface, the result will enhance structural strength.

3, in the hot areas to maintain W / C ratio remains unchanged, to enhance operational significance. The construction of a bridge in the Middle East, he spent a lot of sodium gluconate.

4, by adding material in the concrete mixing sodium glucose can delay the clotting time, which is long and difficult is the importance of reperfusion.

5, now in the concrete industry, the ready-mixed concrete is a combined matching system in the central location, and then use the mixer truck out. In this case, the increase in operational delay the start of the solidification time is very important.

6, lower W / C ratio can be made of higher strength and durability of concrete, sodium gluconate can be used to achieve this purpose. This high-strength reinforced concrete is important.

7, prefabricated masonry mortar must be used that can be used in a long time. By adding sodium gluconate to work longer period.

8, the well water slurry is very difficult due to the high temperature operation, and after adding glucose sodium condensate mud can soil temperature at 170 C for several hours of work.

With the amount of  The following are guiding the allocation of the amount of


The effect of the required

Sodium Gluconate


(%, Weight / weight)

20 ℃ for several hours


20 ℃ many hours


20  ℃ 2 days (mortar)


170℃ 3 hours (well water slurry)


Superplastic Concrete


For normal concrete by plastic




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